Is Roadmaster A Good Bike Brand? – [Here’s The Truth]

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Most cyclists have cherished Roadmaster bikes for their robustness and smooth rides. Still, questions like is Roadmaster a good bike, are Roadmaster bikes worth the investment, and how long Roadmaster bikes can last needs to be answered properly.

I have researched Roadmaster bikes to find the best answers to these questions. Follow me to explore Roadmaster bikes and investigate their quality. I will address concerns surrounding their reliability, durability, features, and comparison to modern bikes.

Is Roadmaster A Good Bike?

Is Roadmaster A Good Bike

Roadmaster bikes offer beginners and pro cyclists comfort, stability, and versatility. With its rider-friendly geometry, aerodynamic prowess, reliable tires, and versatile gear range, Roadmaster is a worthy companion on various terrains.

Why Should You Invest In Roadmaster Bikes?

Bike Geometry

Roadmaster bikes feature an ergonomic and comfortable geometry, facilitating long rides with reduced strain on the body. The best thing is its well-balanced design that enhances stability and control to ensure a smooth journey even on rough terrains.


With its streamlined frame and wind-cheating contours, Roadmaster bikes effortlessly cut through the air. You can relish the sensation of soaring through the wind with minimal resistance while enjoying higher speeds and enhanced efficiency.


Roadmaster’s tires strike a perfect balance between grip and rolling resistance. Whether conquering city streets or tackling off-road trails, its versatile tires provide excellent traction, durability, and a smooth ride.


Equipped with a wide range of gears, the Roadmaster bike empowers you to conquer diverse landscapes easily. Whether climbing steep hills or enjoying high-speed descents, the smooth gear transitions ensure optimal power transfer and efficiency.

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Things You Need To Consider Carefully


Roadmaster bikes have heavyweight, which is challenging for riders seeking agility and quick accelerations. It may not be ideal for those desiring an elegant, race-inspired experience.

Component Quality

While Roadmaster offers a compelling package at an affordable price, some riders have reported concerns regarding the longevity and durability of certain components.

Short History of Roadmaster Bikes

Established in 1935 by the Cleveland Welding Company in Cleveland, Ohio, Roadmaster underwent several ownership changes and relocations over the years.

1950 the company was sold to AMF, which moved the factory to Little Rock, Arkansas.

In 1962, AMF constructed a new factory in Olney, Illinois, where the company operations were subsequently relocated.

Roadmaster initially manufactured various products, including bicycles, children’s vehicles, pedal cars, tricycles, and playground equipment.

In the 1970s, the company expanded its offerings to include BMX bicycles, mopeds, and stationary bicycles. Notably, Roadmaster gained recognition when its track bicycles were featured in the 1979 film “Breaking Away,” showcasing the brand’s association with the iconic Little 500 bicycle race at the University of Indiana Bloomington.

Facing management and profitability challenges, AMF sold Roadmaster to a group of employees in 1983.

The company was later sold to a business investment group in 1987, leading to the rebranding of the company as Roadmaster Industries, Inc. With a focus on fitness equipment, toys, and bicycles, Roadmaster experienced a resurgence in demand for its products.

In 1993, the rising popularity of mountain bikes propelled Roadmaster’s sales, leading to the construction of a new factory in Effingham, Illinois.

The bicycle division of Roadmaster was subsequently sold to the Brunswick Corporation in 1996, and in 2000, Pacific Cycle Inc. acquired the Brunswick Corporation’s Bicycle division, including the Roadmaster brand.

Pacific Cycle has since maintained the distribution and sales of Roadmaster bikes and wheeled toys from its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Who Makes Roadmaster Bikes?

Pacific Cycle Inc currently manufactures Roadmaster bikes. In 1996, the Roadmaster bicycle division was acquired by the Brunswick Corporation.

Later, in 2000, the Brunswick Corporation’s Bicycle division, which included the Roadmaster brand, was sold to Pacific Cycle Inc. With its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, Pacific Cycle has taken charge of the production, distribution, and sales of Roadmaster bikes and wheeled toys ever since.

Does Roadmaster Make A Good Mountain Bike?

Roadmaster mountain bikes are entry-level options for beginners and intermediate riders. These bikes offer affordability but do not match the performance and durability of higher-end mountain bikes.

Roadmaster bikes are suitable for casual riders or those just starting mountain biking. However, other brands may be better options for more experienced riders or those seeking advanced features and components.

Are Roadmaster Ground Assault Bikes Good?

Does Roadmaster Make A Good Mountain Bike?

The Roadmaster Ground Assault bikes offer a budget-friendly option for off-road adventures with certain limitations.

On the positive side, these bikes provide decent traction and stability on rough terrains, making them suitable for entry-level riders. Their durable construction and rugged design contribute to their longevity.

However, they lack the advanced features and components of higher-end mountain bikes.

The suspension system is basic, resulting in a less comfortable ride, especially on more challenging trails.

The gearing is not optimized for steep climbs or high-speed descents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Type Of Braking System Is Used In Roadmaster Bikes?

Roadmaster bikes have a traditional rim braking system, where brake pads exert pressure on the rims of the wheels to slow down or stop the bike.

Are Roadmaster Bikes Equipped With Suspension Systems For Added Comfort?

Roadmaster bikes do not feature suspension systems. They are designed as rigid bikes without a front or rear suspension.

Do Roadmaster Bikes Have Quick-release Mechanisms For Easy Wheel Removal?

Roadmaster bikes, particularly their budget-friendly models, do not have quick-release mechanisms for wheel removal. Instead, they often feature traditional bolt-on axles that require wheel removal and installation tools.

Final Words

The Roadmaster bike is a humble companion in the diverse cycling world, offering an accessible entry into two-wheeled adventures. These bikes don’t possess the cutting-edge technologies or elite performance of high-end counterparts; Roadmaster bikes excel in providing affordability, reliability, and a platform to entrain new cycling journeys. If you want to enjoy a trustable steed to explore the open road or leisurely trails, Roadmaster is your best friend for the joy and freedom of cycling.

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