Do BMX Bikes Have Suspension? – [Read This First!]

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Are you looking for an adrenaline-packed ride on a BMX bike? if yes, then the next thing you might probably be thinking about is the suspension of the bike.

So do BMX bikes have suspension?

The answer to this question is no because BMX bikes are designed for a specific purpose and that is to perform tricks, stunts, and jumps. So having suspension on a BMX bike would not be practical as it adds unnecessary weight to the frame. Also, the suspension might limit some of the moves that can be done on the bike.

In this article, I will tell you why don’t a BMX bike come with suspensions and how is this suspensionless system helpful for these bikes.

So with that said, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s start exploring things you don’t know.

What Do Suspensions Do on a Bike?

In order to learn whether a BMX bike has suspensions or not and why doesn’t it come with suspensions you need to understand the purpose of shock suspensions first.

These huge springs that you see mostly on mountain bikes are designed to dampen the vibrations and absorb the shocks that you experience during the ride.

Suspensions play a vital role in reducing the fatigue that you may be feeling on rough roads, rocky terrains, and jumps.

Besides that, these shock absorbers are also able to increase the stability of the bike which is helpful in smoother rides on rough terrains such as mountain trails, etc.

So Why Bmx Bikes Don’t Come With Suspension?


Since we have discussed the use of suspensions on bikes it is easy to get confused. You must be thinking that if suspensions are that helpful why don’t BMX bikes have them?

Well, it is a good question and the answer to this question is as follows:

Suspensions Add Extra Weight To The Bike

Suspensions mean adding extra modules to the bike. This means added weight!

We use BMX bikes mostly for stunts and tricks. So having suspensions on the bike would mean adding extra weight to it. This will drastically reduce its performance by making the bike heavier.

Also, BMX riders do some flips, jumps, and stunts which require you to adjust your body positions frequently.

This is not possible with a heavy suspension system as it will add unnecessary resistance while doing these moves.

Suspension Free Design Makes The Maintenance Easy

Apart from the extra added weight on the bike, suspensions also require regular maintenance.

It is quite a hassle to check, adjust and maintain suspensions on BMX bikes as they do not come with them by default.

So if you are looking for an easy ride with no need for suspensions, then BMX bikes are the perfect choice for you.

They get easily adjusted according to your body’s position and provide great control over the bike during stunts and tricks.

Plus, there is no need for extra maintenance as it does not come with suspension systems.

More Control Without Suspensions

While suspensions are great for rough terrains, they restrict the maneuverability of the bike. This is because if you try to jump on the bike or do a wheelie you will need to put in the double effort.

Some of the efforts is absorbed by the suspensions thus reducing the control you have over the bike.

In contrast, a stiffer design allows the rider to have full control over the bike. This means that any slight adjustment to your body can be easily transferred to the bike and you will have full control over it.

This way you can jump higher, do different kinds of stunts, wheelies,  and much more without any restrictions.

Can You Put Suspensions On A BMX Bike?

So far you have learned that BMX bikes don’t need suspensions therefore, they don’t come equipped with them. But the next question that comes to mind is can you put a suspension on a BMX bike?

The answer is yes. You can install suspensions on your BMX bike if you want. These are called aftermarket suspensions and they come with their own set of benefits and drawbacks.

For beginners, it is possible to remove the rigid fork and replace it with a suspension fork to give your bike advanced shock-absorbing features.

However, there are some consequences of adding shock absorbers to the bike.

A Change of The Bike Geometry

The first and the major problem that suspensions cause is the change in the bike geometry.

When you install a suspension on your bike, the frame height is increased. This will affect the performance of the bike in terms of speed and agility.

Your bike frame will more likely to have a steeper headtube which is not a good thing to have on a BMX bike.

This is because it will force you to lean forward on the bike. Aerodynamically this is quite an advantageous position as it reduces the drag force.

However, we are riding a BMX for stunts and since you have leaned forward on the bike you will not be able to pull the bike for performing stunts now.

Moreover, it also results in a raised front end which is another problem that you will face with your bike.

This mainly affects the maneuverability of the bike making it harder for you to control it and perform stunts.

Due to this reason, you will undoubtedly be prone to losing control and crashing – something that no one would ever want to experience.

An Interference in Your Tricks’ Routine

Another problem that arises due to the addition of suspensions is that it will interfere in your stunt routine.

When you are performing a trick on a BMX bike, you need to have full control over the bike as this will allow you to adjust your body position according to the requirement of the stunt.

However, when there is an extra element such as suspensions present in between then it becomes harder for you to do so.

This results in a decrease in performance and ultimately leads to unsatisfactory results.

Therefore, it is best for any BMX rider who wishes to perform stunts and tricks not to add suspensions on their bikes.

Loss of Ground Contact

As we now know that a BMX bike without suspensions has more control over the ground and it will allow you to feel any terrain beneath your wheels.

However, when you add suspension this contact is broken as the shocks absorb much of the force and thus reducing the feedback from the ground.

This further affects your ability to control the bike and perform stunts properly as without proper feedback it becomes hard for you to know what lies ahead in terms of terrains or obstacles.

Are There BMX Bikes With Suspension?

Are There BMX Bikes With Suspension

This is a good question as BMX is not only available for stunts now but also come mountain biking and other such purposes.

Therefore, you can now find BMX bikes with suspensions as well which are specifically designed for trail riding or mountain biking.

These bikes come equipped with full suspension, meaning it has a shock at both the front and rear wheels or hardtail suspension only at the front wheel.

The addition of these suspensions will allow you to ride over terrains that are much tougher than what a typical BMX bike can handle without any problem.

But when you compare them to stunt-specific BMX bikes then they don’t stand anywhere near in terms of performance because of the added weight of their suspension system and also due to their altered geometry.

However, these bikes are very low in number and are also much more expensive than the standard BMX bikes, and therefore, not every rider can afford them.

Is A Bike With Suspension Better?

This question can’t be answered in a single word as it depends on what type of riding you are looking for.

If you want to perform tricks and stunts then obviously a BMX bike with no suspensions will be better because it will give you more control over the terrain and allow you to perform your tricks cleaner.

However, if you are looking for something that can handle tough terrains then suspension-equipped bikes will be better as they come with better shock absorption capabilities which helps in tackling rough terrain.

So, depending on what kind of rider you are, the bike with or without suspension might differ. However, when it comes to performing stunts, a BMX bike without any suspensions is always recommended.

It is not only lighter but also provides great maneuverability and control which is essential for performing any sort of stunt.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do All BMX Bikes Have Suspensions?

No, not all BMX bikes have suspension. Suspension is only added to certain bikes designed for trail riding or mountain biking.

Why Do BMX Bikes Have No Suspension?

BMX bikes don’t have any suspensions to allow increased maneuverability and more control over the bike. The rider can easily shift his/her weight on the bike and perform different kinds of stunts.

Final Words! Do BMX Bikes Have Suspensions?

If you have made it this far, you must have learned that BMX bikes don’t come with any suspensions.

I have also provided details on the consequences of having suspensions on the bike as well as the pros and cons of having them.

BMX riders who want to perform stunts and tricks should avoid adding suspensions on their bikes as it can drastically reduce the bike’s maneuverability and accuracy.

However, if you are looking for a BMX bike that can handle tough terrains then full-suspension or hardtail suspension-equipped bikes will be your best bet!

Hope this article was helpful in answering your queries regarding whether or not BMX bikes have suspension.

Thanks for reading!

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