Can You Use Mountain Bike Pedals on a Road Bike?

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One day, I was riding through the vibrant mountainous road of my countryside, the whistling sound of the wind was passing my ears, and the scorching sun was warming my skin. But when I stopped and touched down my feet on the surface, I started to wonder: Can I use my mountain bike pedals on a road bike?

This question was rolling over my mind for a few days and I was determined to get a way out of this question.

Thus, I decided to delve into the journey of the cycling mechanism that would take me to the very limits of my endurance.

After asking experienced Bike riders and experimenting on my own, I found that: Yes, you can use mountain bike pedals on a road bike as the adult bike pedal thread comes in the size of 9/16” 20 TPI, which is the universal one and allows you to easily switch pedals between the two.

But there is more! In my entire journey, I encountered amazing deals regarding the differences between mountain bike pedals and road bike pedals, as well as how you can use one specific type of pedal for more than one bike. Could you please tell me which pedal would be used? Any guess?

Worries not! Come along with me to find my discovery and enlightenment, and find out that can you use mountain bike pedals on a road bike.

Mountain Bike Pedals Vs Road Bike Pedals, What’s the Difference?

I gazed at my road bike and my eyes wandered down to the pedals. I couldn’t help myself but wonder what is the difference between mountain bike pedals and road bike pedals. I decided to further investigate to satisfy myself. And this is what I found.

My journey led me down like I used to wander on winding paths and over rocky terrain. Along the way, I met seasoned cyclists who were happy to share their knowledge. I discovered that mountain bike pedals are wider, flatter, and often have more grip, designed to accommodate the challenges of off-road terrain.

On the other hand, road bike pedals are narrower and more aerodynamic, with a design optimized for speed and efficiency. Let’s deeply look into it.

Mountain Bike Pedals

Mountain Bike Pedals

These types of pedals are specifically designed for riding off-road, where mostly the terrain is in rough condition and unpredictable and you need those pedals that can give you strong grip and support to your feet.

Pedals are not wilder and flat, like road bike pedals, but provide enough surface area for the foot to rest on. Moreover, mountain bike pedals have more grip and support, which helps you to ride your mountain bike in wet or muddy conditions too.

Clipless pedals are the most common type of pedal used on mountain bikes. It has a two-bolt cleat system that easily snaps to your mountain bike shoes which helps the riders in improving power transfer and control.

The following are the features of Mountain Bike Pedals:

Cleats Two-bolt Cleat System
Shoes Compatible with Mountain bike shoes & multi-purpose shoes
Thread 9/16” 20 TPI
Weight Heavier than road bike pedals
Platform Smaller

Road Bike Pedals

Road Bike Pedals

Let’s briefly discuss road bike pedals now. Generally, road bike pedals are lightweight, efficient, and aerodynamic, with mostly a focus on generating speed and performance for the rider. Its surface is typically flatter and narrower than the mountain bike pedals, providing a large and enough platform for your foot.

The design of road bike pedals allows you for a more efficient pedal stroke, helps in reducing wind and resistance and ultimately increases the speed of your bike. But they don’t provide as much power as clipless pedals do.

A common type of road bike pedal is the flat pedals. It doesn’t come with an attachment system as clipless pedals are. Therefore, they are a three-bolt cleat system. However, it is the best option for those who opt to ride their bike for the first time on the road.

The following are some features of road bike pedals that need to keep in mind:

Cleats Three-bolt Cleat system
Thread 9/16” 20 TPI
Shoes Compatible with all kinds of shoes (exception)
Weight Lighter than MBP
Platform Wider and flatter

Can You Use Mountain Bike Pedals on a Road Bike? What To Consider?

As we have discussed above separately about Mountain bike pedals and road bike pedals. I am hoping, that you can find some similarities between these two. If not, now you would do.

In describing these two types of pedals, I was trying to give you an overview of what factors should be considered when looking for mountain bike pedals that can fit into your road bike.

Yes, it is possible to use mountain bike pedals on a road bike without any hesitation.

“Remember, According to BikerEra, your biking gear should reflect your personal preferences and the specific demands of your ride.”

One of the reasons for this is that most pedals, regardless of whether they are designed for road or mountain biking, have the same thread size. This means that you can easily attach a mountain bike pedal to a road bike crank arm.

Mountain bike and road bike pedals generally come in similar thread sizes, 9/16” 20 TPI (Thread per inch). So, this factor increases your belief that you can easily sway your MBP to your road bike. But wait! There is more reason.

Road bikes and Mountain bikes have different cleat systems. As we covered above Mountain bike pedals have clipless pedals which are two-bolt cleat systems. On the other hand, road bike pedals have flat platform pedals which are three-bolt cleat systems. It means, that you can be in trouble when you will use your normal casual shoes while using Mountain bike pedals on your road bike, as they wouldn’t attach to the cleats.

To solve this problem, either you can buy any good mountain bike shoes if you haven’t before. If you can’t buy MB shoes because of the cost, then you have the option of installing Road to MTB adapters to your existing shoes.

Another factor to consider is the design of the pedals themselves. Mountain bike pedals are often wider and flatter than road bike pedals, which can affect pedaling efficiency and aerodynamics. Additionally, mountain bike pedals may be heavier than road bike pedals, which can impact overall bike weight and performance.

If you find these factors to be compatible with your road bike, then you are good to go for fixing your MBP onto your bike and enjoying its convenience and comfort. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use mountain bike pedals on a road bike comes down to personal preference and riding style.

Final Thoughts

So for now, you might have an answer to your wandering question, can you use your mountain bike pedals on a road bike? Yes, you can use it, as the pedal thread size comes in a similar size of 9/16” 20 TPI, and if you use shoes compatible with the cleat system of the pedals.

But, the decision of which type of pedal to use depends on the individual’s riding style, the terrain you’ll be riding on, and your personal preferences.

If you want more comfort and grip on your road bike, then you must try your mountain bike pedals as they are the best choice now. Because with the right pedals, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient ride on your road bike, whether you’re cruising down a country road or pushing yourself to the limit in a race.

So, how was your experience with the mountain bike pedals, when you installed them on your road bike for the first time? Let us know in the comments.

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