Are Elite BMX Bikes Good? – [Uncover the Secrets!]

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When it comes to Elite BMX bikes there are so many controversial things on the internet that will make you confused.

You might be wondering whether or not to buy the Elite BMX Bikes but don’t worry because we are here to clear out the fog.

So are Elite BMX bikes good?

If you’re looking for an introductory BMX bike, the Elite BMX Stealth is a fine choice. It features a U-brake and steel construction, but sadly its braking power isn’t as reliable as some would desire. Nevertheless, it’s perfect for riders wanting to master straightforward stunts such as wheelies!

Let’s take a close look at things and learn what makes the Elite BMX bike an excellent choice and whether it is a good option for you to consider as a bike enthusiast or not.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it!

Are Elite BMX Bikes Good?

Are Elite BMX Bikes Good

Yes, Elite BMX bikes are good and a reasonable option for the beginner or advanced rider.

Their frames are lightweight yet sturdy, making them great for those who want to master some of the more complex maneuvers.

With their U-brakes and steel construction, they offer excellent stability and control when riding.

Apart from that, there are a few drawbacks of these bikes as well due to which most people don’t like them.

Let’s take a quick look at its plus points first and then the drawbacks.

What Makes Elite BMX Bikes Good?

In order to assess the quality of the Elite BMX bike and uncover the truth, our team had to carry out an in-depth analysis of these bikes.

We tested them in different scenarios and observed them carefully from multiple angles.

After that, we found some interesting things that we would like to share with you because we care about you.

So here are the things that make Elite bikes a good option for novice and beginner bike riders.

Affordable Freestyle Bike

If you are short on budget and can’t afford a fancy BMX, don’t worry. Elite has got you all covered.

Their Stealth model is an extremely affordable choices for BMX enthusiasts and features all the necessary parts that you need.

This makes it a great option for those who are just starting out in the BMX world or want to try their hand at freestyle riding without breaking their wallet.

Good Brake Performance

The U-brakes on the Elite bike provide good braking performance in most conditions and scenarios. With this, you can easily perform basic stunts such as wheelies or bunny hops with relative ease.

Apart from that, you will have full control over your bike whether you are bunny hopping from one point to another or just performing a wheelie.

We have seen riders jumping from rail to rail with the Elite bikes and it was carrying their weight like a champ.

Sturdy Steel Frame Construction

The frame of the Elite BMX bikes consists of steel construction which gives them more strength and durability compared to other models in its price range.

This allows riders to do some severe stunts without fear of damaging the bike quickly.

As we mentioned earlier, you can easily jump from one point to another and even drop from heights. The bike is designed to withstand any kind of impact along with your weight.

This makes them great bikes for most people who love stunts.

Included Pegs For Entry-Level Tricks

Are you just starting out? No problem because the Elite BMX bikes come with pegs great for entry-level stunts.

These pegs allow you to do spins and grind on rails or other objects.

You can easily mount and unmount the pegs when you need them which is a great feature.

Another great thing about pegs is that they don’t require any maintenance and you can use them right away.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

Although this is not a very concrete feature but still a lot of people are quite picky when it comes to colors. But hey! What are you worrying about Elite has got your back here too.

The company produces bikes in eight different colors which gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

You decide which color you want and ride away with style.

No matter whether you are a male rider who loves those stylish vibrant red and black colors or a female who wants to look like a charming princess riding the bike.

All Terrain Bike: Performs Well on Pavement Dirt

Another thing that makes it quite an interesting option is the fact that you can use it on all kinds of terrain without any worries.

The Elite BMX bikes are designed to perform well on pavement and dirt. This makes them suitable for most riders who want to ride in the park or trails.

This is all possible due to their 2.5″ high-performance BMX tire options which provide better grip and control on slippery surfaces.

So, Elite BMX bikes are great for those who want to explore the skateparks or nearby trails without having to think about their bike’s performance.

What Are The Disadvantages of Elite BMX Bikes?

What Are The Disadvantages of Elite BMX Bikes

As with anything, along with some advantages, there come some disadvantages as well. Below are a few things that make Elite BMX bikes less attractive for more experienced riders:

The U-Brake is Not Very Responsive

Yes! you have noticed that we mentioned the quality of the brakes as a good point earlier.

But the fact is, it’s not very responsive which makes it difficult for experienced riders to perform advanced tricks such as tailwhips or barspins.

The steel frame also adds some weight to the bike, making it less suitable for quick maneuvers and stunts.

The Quality of The Pedals is So So!

Another thing that we noticed during our analysis was the quality of the pedals.

They are not as good as other models in the same price range. So, you might have to find your perfect pedal upgrade if you want to perform some serious stunts with your Elite BMX bike.

They usually start wobbling after a few rides. Apart from that, you should never fully trust them because they are prone to breaking if you are riding too harshly.

This means the bike is good for beginners and entry-level riders but not well-suited for professionals.

Uncomfortable Seat

It seems like uncomfortable seats have become a custom among BMX companies.

Elite BMX bikes are no exception. The seat is quite uncomfortable and not suitable for long rides.

Therefore, if you plan on doing any kind of touring, then you should definitely invest in a comfortable aftermarket seat.

We noticed that it is quite still and hard to ride on for a longer duration. Besides that, sometimes it can be quite annoying as it never sits in its place after riding the bike for a while.

Squeaking, Squawking, Noisy Noisy!

As if the uncomfortable seat of the bike was not enough! our experts also noticed that the bike produce a lot of noise during the ride!

The noise is usually not too distracting, but it can get annoying after a while.

It seems like the bike needs to be lubed up more often to get rid of this problem.

So make sure you are doing that regularly in order to keep your Elite BMX bike running smoothly and quietly.

Final Verdict: Are Elite BMX Bikes Good?

In conclusion, Elite BMX bikes are a great option for those who are looking for an affordable and versatile bike.

It performs well on pavement and dirt which makes it suitable for most riders. However, the brakes are not very responsive and the seat can be quite uncomfortable after a while.

There is also some noise produced during rides which can be solved by regularly lubing up the bike.

All in all, Elite BMX bikes are good enough to give you a smooth ride but might not stand up to more advanced stunts or tricks.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something that will last longer then you should consider investing in a higher-end model.

Nevertheless, Elite BMX bikes can offer you a nice riding experience without breaking the bank.

Hope this helps!

Happy Riding!

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