All About Peloton Leaderboard 2023 – {Explained}

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Have you ever got the transcript from your school?

No doubt; everyone gets a transcript; the transcripts shows us our result and performance along with proper data including name and score.

Just like a transcript; the peloton leaderboard tells us our personal record information, position in a group, performance, and many more.

The “leaderboard” is located on the right-hand side of the screen on the Peloton tablet.

The names that show are either the names of individuals presently on the ride live with you at this now or those who have completed the exercise in the past (depending on if you have changed the filters).

The Peloton leaderboard offers a plethora of data on your current standing compared to others who are taking or have taken your class, as well as information regarding your past performances and how you’ve fared.

As this display contains a significant amount of information, Let’s dive right in…

Before I discuss the Peloton leaderboard as a whole, let me begin with the numbers (and other data that you see above).

Everything About Peloton Leaderboard 

Peloton Leaderboard

1. Personal Record Information

The top line, which starts with a star, will indicate where you are in terms of effort relative to the whole duration of the course you are enrolled in.

You may deduce from this that the screen image was taken during a lesson that lasted for 45 minutes.

The top bar displays your record for a lesson that lasts for 45 minutes (which is, for example, 512 Kj). You may find the number on the very far right side of the bar.

It is a pace number, so pay attention to it. It displays the average speed that you maintained during the journey.

2. Position in The Group

The next step is to check the status bar. The place on the ride is indicated by the number that appears first on the left.

It may represent your place in the larger picture, but it might simply be your position inside the filtered group (not enough information shown to know).

Usually, your position number will be followed by another number enclosed in brackets below it. The number enclosed in brackets represents the position before any filtering was applied.

As you go to the right, you will come across my avatar. A white circle that is only half complete can be seen around my avatar.

It starts at the twelve o’clock position and goes clockwise to somewhere about the eight o’clock position.

This provides a graphical illustration of how far along you are in the course at this point. Note that this clock display of time is only visible on on-demand rides; if you are riding in a live class, you will see your avatar but not the clock display.

Only on on-demand rides can you see the time shown on this clock.

Next to the right is the name of the leaderboard, which might be LeftShark or any other that you have saved. Below the name is more information like your location label can be found on your Peloton profile, as can my gender and age group.

3. The Total Output

Your overall performance is represented by the large number located far to the right; this is the most significant number.

This number is identical to the one shown at the bottom of your data display (which provides information on the sum of all output and how it was computed).

Your position on the leaderboard is determined by this number, which can be seen here.

4. High-Fives, Filters, And Other People You Follow

High-Fives, Filters, And Other People You Follow

The following are some of the additional components of the leaderboard: First, rather than seeing all riders, you are presented with a list of individuals who are now “Here now” (a distinction made for on-demand rides).

The feature is called “Here now,” and it displays other members taking the on-demand ride at the same time as you are.

Now, it’s important to note that not all passengers on an on-demand transport are at the same point in the journey, but we’ll get to that later.

In addition to displaying riders who are now “here now,” this list is further filtered to include just those riders you are currently following.

One more thing to mention about your standing on the leaderboard while riding on-demand rides.

It’s possible that the place you hold on the leaderboard doesn’t say all that much about you, given that you’re being measured against other riders regardless of where they are in their journeys.

If you start the ride thirty minutes after another rider, there is a good chance that the rider will not catch up to you before the ride is over, even if they are significantly faster than you are.

On the other hand, if you start the ride thirty minutes later than another rider, there is a good chance that the rider will catch up to you before the ride is over.

The only comparisons that have any validity are those that are made among cyclists who have all finished the race.


So, in a nutshell, that’s how the Peloton leaderboard works. The leaderboard motivates many riders, and Peloton has done a tremendous job of “gamifying” the platform. Still, it’s time to offer those who don’t have the leg power to ascend the leaderboard a chance to participate.

Please ask questions or point out the issue here, and I’ll do my best to respond to them or elaborate on them.

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